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Control of erosion and pollution caused by the construction work.

Maximization of open areas and gardens.

Delay system for rainwater.

Reduction in drinking water consumption, due to irrigation and water reuse.

Implementation of electrical and air-conditioning installation receipt and commissioning procedures.

Implementation of automation system for individual measuring of power and air-conditioning consumption.

Utilization of materials produced in the region of the project during construction.

At the end of the construction work, VISTA GUANABARA should receive the LEED GOLD Certification from GBC - Green Building Council Brazil. The LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a seal following international standards of sustainable construction, encouraging the creation and adaptation of projects, from conception until operation, focusing on sustainability, providing economic, social and environmental benefits.

VISTA GUANABARA has adopted a conscious posture in every stage of the project. See below some of the sustainability strategies adopted:

Utilization of recycled materials during construction.

Utilization of certified and reforested timber.

Implementation of indoor air quality monitoring.

Adoption of air duct protection measures during construction.

Solar control glasses reducing internal heat and high acoustic insulation.

Landscaping utilizing native species with low water/chemical fertilizer consumption.




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21 2543.4345